Named after its founder and established in Venice in 1946, Neri Pozza is now based in Milan and Vicenza. In its illustrious history as an independent publisher, it has published great Italian writers from the latter half of the 20th century, including Eugenio Montale, Carlo Emilio Gadda, Dino Buzzati and Goffredo Parise, along with great international writers (Romain Gary, Hermann Koch, Eshkol Nevo, Susan Vreeland, David Gregory Roberts and David Nicholls, amongst others). True to the tradition of high quality literature, Neri Pozza publishes Italian and translated works and in 2017 it launched a new collection for essays, "Piccola Biblioteca". The collection "Il cammello battriano" is dedicated to travel writing.

Newton Compton is an independent publishing house founded in Rome in 1969 by Vittorio Avanzini, who is still at the helm, now alongside his son Raffaello. Over time, Newton Compton has published thousands of titles. The house is known for its reissued classics and one of Italy’s strongest catalogues of genre fiction. The catalogue also includes essays and handbooks. Newton Compton has published many extraordinary best-sellers, including, in recent years, historical fiction by Marcello Simoni and Matteo Strukul, the romance novels by Felicia Kingsley, a gigaseller phenomenon, with more than 2 million copies sold and translations in 20 languages. Another of their big international success' is the novel Story of a Decent Family by Rosa Ventrella, sold in 20 countries.

NNEditore was founded in Milan in 2015 by Eugenia Dubini and Alberto Ibba. One of its first titles, Benedizione, by Kent Haruf, was a runaway success and immediately established NN as one of the most dynamic small independent publishers in Italy. In addition to foreign titles, always chosen with care and the courage to break new ground, NN also works with Italian authors, selected with the same criteria and the same focus on literary quality.

Chora is the Italian storytelling company founded in 2020 by Guido Maria Brera (Kairos, La Nave di Teseo), Mario Calabresi (La Stampa, Repubblica), Mario Gianani (Wildside), and Roberto Zanco (Kairos).

Mario Calabresi is CEO and Editor in Chief.

Among its series: Nicola Lagioia, La città dei vivi; Selvaggia Lucarelli, Proprio a me; Pablo Trincia, Il dito di Dio (Spotify); Gianrico Carofiglio, La disciplina di Penelope (Rai Radio 1- Rai PlaySound); Sabrina Efionayi, Storia del mio nome (Spotify); Cecilia Sala, Stories (Spotify), Enrico Franceschini, Nella mente di Putin, all went straight to the top of the Italian charts. 

Groenlandia is a production company that grew out of the meeting between directors Matteo Rovere and Sydney Sibilia. The company has produced many successful films, including: Romolo & Remo: Il Primo Re; the two sequels to Sydney Sibilia’s Smetto Quando Voglio saga, Masterclass and Ad Honorem; Moglie e Marito and Croce e Delizia by Simone Godano; and Il Campione by Leonardo d’Agostini. Groenlandia is currently in post-production for L’Incredibile Storia dell’Isola delle Rose, the fourth feature length film by Sydney Sibilia and the first European production for Netflix Originals. is an on-demand platform for narrative podcasts. Founded in Milan in 2018 by Gian Andrea Cerone and Rossana De Michele, it has now had in excess of 10 million listens and downloads. has an archive of over 60 titles, which include over 500 original episodes available to listen or download. podcasts are original works “written for voice” (conceived and produced exclusively as audio content), which last 30 – 60 minutes and can be downloaded to any device.

Iperborea is an independent publisher founded by Emilia Lodigiani in 1987, specialized in Northern European literature. In 2018, Iperborea launched The Passenger, a book-magazine that collects reportages, long-form journalism, and narrative essays, aiming to tell the story of the contemporary life of a place and its inhabitants. In the magazine, the culture, economy, politics, customs, and curiosities of the narrated places are seen through the testimony of local and international writers, journalists and experts. The Passenger is also available in English, published and distributed worldwide, in a coedition with Europa Editions, and also translated into Spanish, Portuguese and Korean.