“The Eight Mountains” by Paolo Cognetti in 39 countries


Paolo Cognetti’s novel The Eighs Mountains, published by Einaudi in Italy on November 8th, 2016, is an international literary sensation: before coming out in Italy, the novel had been already acquired in 29 territories. Today the number of countries who bought the rights has gone up to 39.
Here more details on the book, here and here the covers of the foreign editions already published, and here below a complete list of the foreign translations:

US: Atria Books/Simon & Schuster
UK and Commonwealth (Australia, New Zealand): Harvill Secker/Penguin Random House
Germany: DVA/Random House
France and Canada: Éditions Stock
Spain and Latin America (Messico, Cile, Argentina, Colombia, Perù, Venezuela): Literatura Random House
Spain, Catalan: Navona
Portugal and Mozambique: Leya/Dom Quixote
Brazil: Editora Intrinseca
The Netherlands: De Bezige Bij
Greece: Patakis
Poland: Sonia Draga
Hungary: Jelenkor
Czech Republic: Odeon/Euromedia
Romania: Editura Polirom
Bulgaria: Prozoret
Slovak Republic: Ikar
Slovenia: Totaliteta
Croatia: Fraktura

Serbia: Laguna
Albania: Dudaj
Macedonia: Makedonika Litera
Russia: Corpus Books/AST
Lithuania: Alma littera
Latvia: Zvaigzne ABC

Estonia: Tänapäev
Denmark: Art People

Iceland: Forlagið
Norway: Kagge Forlag
Finland: Bazar Forlag
Sweden: Contempo
Israel: Modan Publishing House
Turkey: Kafka Books/Epsilon Publishing House
China: Shanghai 99
South Korea: Hyundae Munhak Publishing Co.
Japan: Shinchōsha
Taiwan: Emily Publishing Company
Thailand: Alibooks
Arab World: Dar Al Khayal