Valerio Millefoglie meets Paasilinna readers on a tour in the bookstores of 10 Italian cities


In every city touched by Paasilinna's tour, Valerio Millefoglie will interview some strong readers and fans in order to find out what all the stories they read left in them. Starting from these interviews, he will put together a reading made of recorded voices, musical fragments and memories. Part of the show will also be dedicated to Opera Omnia, the performance created by Millefoglie himself for the 2018 Boreali Festival, during which he has read 17 Arto Paasilinna books in 58 'and 30' '. More info here
The calendar of ARTO PAASILINNA MEMORIAL TOUR presentations this January:
- Tuesday the 15th, at 18:30, PAVIA Libreria Il Delfino
- Wednesday the 16th, at 18, BRESCIA Nuova Libreria Rinascita
- Thursday the 17th, at 18:30, PADOVA Libreria Laformadelibro
- Friday the 18th, at 20:30, TRENTO Viaggeria
- Saturday the 19th, at 19, UDINE Libreria Moderna Udinese
- Tuesday the 22nd, at 18:30, MODENA Libreria Ubik Modena
- Wednesday the 23rd, at 18:30, FIRENZE Todo Modo
- Saturday the 26th, at 18, LECCO la Libreria Volante
- Tuesday the 29th, at 19:30, ROMA Tomo Libreria Caffè
- Wednesday the 30th, at 19, MATELICA, Kindustria