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Malatesta Literary Agency

MalaTesta Lit. Ag. was established in Milan in 2013 to represent and promote authors' literary projects with Italian and foreign publishing houses.
The agency represents also a number of Italian independent publishing houses.

"I represent authors, managing their relationship with publishers, and in some cases finding publishers for their works. That means seeking the best publisher for a certain work or for the body of works of a certain author. Moreover, it also involves - and often the two coincide - obtaining the best possible contract conditions for the author, and not just in economic terms, as these only form part of any contract". (Erich Linder, literary agent)

MalaTesta Lit. Ag. is a forward-looking, latest-generation literary agency that leverages on the experience and diverse approaches of its collaborators.

In MalaTesta Lit. Ag., authors find a "personal agency", tailored to their needs.
MalaTesta Lit. Ag.
via Ampère, 61/A
20131 Milano
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